Reasons Why You Need to Maintain Your HVAC Air Ducts Properly 

If you are a homeowner, what you need to understand is that as much as possible, you need to get your systems at home working all the time since one failure may affect your comfort and experience in general while staying at home. The reason behind this is that your house is one of the most sacred places where you could stop and rest and therefore, you don’t want to experience anything bad while being at home, especially when you are already living a toxic life at work. This is entirely the reason why you need to get a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning for your home to make sure that you air is the best, especially when you get to experience changing seasons. 


When you have already installed your home’s HVAC system, the next thing that you could do is to make sure that it is properly maintained. Because of various elements, one of the most vulnerable parts of your HVAC is the air ducts in which cold or warm air passes through. However, a broken air duct does not only affect the temperature of the air, but also the quality of the air that you breathe. This is entirely the reason why you need to hire a professional air duct cleaning company like air duct cleaning Lubbock. Here the different compelling reasons why you really need to: 

  1. Remove Dust and Other Particles 

When you maintain your HVAC, one of the first things that a professional air duct cleaning company would do is to make sure that it is as clean as possible. That is, they would be cleaning your air ducts and get rid of dust and other related contaminants present in these tubes. Of course, this would include the different parts of the system. Hiring a professional would mean that these contaminants are eliminated, leaving you with a fresh and clean breathable air.  

  1. Better Quality of Air 

Because dust and other related contaminants are removed from the ducts, you could get to experience breathing high quality air while being inside your home. regardless if there is nobody at home who is allergic to dust or have other related respiratory conditions, you need to understand that a higher quality air would mean that you are going to be healthy in general. Once these contaminants are left behind, chances are, instead of not having any allergies or respiratory problem, you could now experience these things because of uncleaned ducts. Therefore, it is best to clean your air ducts and it is better to hire a professional to do it. 

  1. Improved Efficiency for HVAC 

Finally, you need to understand that a properly maintained air ducts would mean a better efficiency for your HVAC in general. That is, when your air ducts are cleaned and maintained properly, the work of your HVAC will be better in so many levels.  

Because of all these reasons, you need to understand that as a responsible homeowner, you need to make sure that your HVAC is cleaned regularly.  


Air Duct Cleaning for Energy Efficiency 

Your home’s temperature and air quality deeply rely on the air duct system of your home. Often, it is disregarded because it is seldom seen behind walls however as homeowners, we need to invest in checking and maintaining the air duct systems in our home to efficiently save energy. Ensuring that there are no leaks in the air duct system of our homes is a vital way of making sure we are conserving and paying only for the energy we consumed and not the energy that is caused by leakages in the system.  


Most of the time, we consumers rely too much on expensive heating and cooling systems disregarding the quality of the ductwork system we have in our homes. Leakage from the duct system in your home is often influenced by a connection that has not been properly connected may it be the joints, the round flex or the plenum. These leakage causes are very common.  

There are tests to know if there are any leakages in the air duct system installed in your home. One most common way to test a leak in your home’s air duct system is through measuring the building pressure using a device, a system for register sealing and a fan that is calibrated. One test is called blower door. In this type of test, each register is sealed and the leakage total is measured. Another test is called pressure pan. This test involves a hose that is connected to a pressure pan, a pressure gauge is also used. This test is used together with the blower door test in order to know the leakage location.  

After locating the leakages in the air duct system, next is to make sure that it is sealed to efficiently conserve the energy used in the heating and cooling system in your home. There are different methods used and sealing types in the journey of making sure your duct system leakage problem is catered, however one thing is sure, never use a duct tape because it will not do the work. Nowadays, technologies see to it that the air duct system problems involving leakages are fixed through particles made of polymer that is sticky enough to stick into the leak’s edges and stick materials together, thus it is efficiently sealing the inside part as well as the outside part. This type of sealing is possible through a technology called aerosol duct. Some other methods involve a metal tape and a mastic tape for sealing a duct leak.  

There can be an overwhelming number of information when it comes to air duct systems and as a non-professional in the field it can be too much to take note of. One way to get the job done without too much thinking and remembering involve is to let the professionals take over. Air duct cleaning Sterling Heights are professionals in the field of air duct systems. They will not only be responsible in cleaning your air duct system, they also see to it that in the cleaning process they solve parallel problems that are encountered. Connect with them today!